Hello everyone,

I have always said I was building Pumaboards for the fun of it. Well, after 10 years and over 360 boards, my bad back, shoulders, and eyes are making them more frustrating than fun. Kinda like a “real” job. :-) At 56 I want to maximize the fun in my life as much as I can. Right now that means spending time with family and friends, playing my guitar, and restoring my 72 Chevelle… all while trying keep my back happy.

So the time to close the doors on Pumaboards has come. It’s been a great ride, but it’s time for Pumaman to switch it up a bit while he still can.

It’s been a great experience these last 10 years. The feeling I got building something special with my own two hands for so many people and making so many friends along the way, was really quite humbling. I will cherish the times forever. Thank you to everyone, especially those guys that kept coming back for more Pumaboards (you know who you are).

Again, thank you everyone,
Kevin “Pumaman”